Robbin' the Hood

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Rating: A-

Rating: A-

Description: This entire CD was recorded and mixed on a 4 track cassette machine in various living rooms by Brad and Mike. Released in 1994

This is a great mix of all the various types of music Sublime was for.

Tracks like "pool shark (original)", "All You need", and "Falling Idols" show the up beat side of sublime while tracks like "Freeway Time in the LA County Jail" and "Work That We Do" show the calmer side of the group. This CD contains many dubs, 3 of which have a guy named Raliegh talking about what seems like nothing. Not to mention Saw Red, featuring Gwen Stephani of No Doubt and Brad.

Conclusion: This is a great album, if you are a die-hard Sublime fan and don’t already have it, I recommend picking it up immediately and even if you are just a newbie to the whole Sublime genre, I would still recommend it.

Reviewed by Brett

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  1. Waiting for Bud
  2. Steady B Loop Dub
  3. Raleigh Soliloquy pt. 1
  4. Pool Shark (orig.)*
  5. Steppin’ Razor
  6. Greatest-Hits*
  7. Free Loop Dub/Q-Ball
  8. Saw Red*
  9. Work That We Do
  10. Lincoln Highway Dub
  11. Pool Shark (acoustic)
  12. Cisco Kid
  13. Raleigh Soliloquy pt. 2
  14. STP*
  15. Boss D.J.
  16. I Don’t Care Too Much For Reggae Dub
  17. Falling Idols*
  18. All You Need
  19. Freeway Time in the LA County Jail
  20. Mary
  21. Raleigh Soliloquy pt. 3